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TRUST Software

TRUST - TRU Split-file Technology is an AI-based CAD software developed by Rgorithm and is founded on TruAbutment’s proprietary split-file capability. TRUST allows clients to send in TruScan Body scans to receive a custom abutment, crown design and easy editing access to modify the designs as they would like. TRUST will become the main order portal that facilitates easier order processing for custom abutment orders while serving as a all-in-one communication tool. TRUST will launch at 2021 IDS Show. 

GUIDE Software

Rgorithm’s second product is an AI-based software that will guide dentists to easily plan a dental implant surgery with all the necessary clinical and technical data embedded for its users. Not only will this surgical guide software receive and process digital orders but will also be an all-in-one platform for users to communicate all of their surgery-related plans and questions.

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After providing the optimal platforms for dental professionals with TRUST and the guide software, Rgorithm will launch its third software, focusing on patient care and consultation. All of the three softwares will be interlaced in order to bring users the ultimate dental solution digitally in one place.